You can continue on the VRRT or use this as a destination for runs off 11,301' Brianhead Mountain. Started at the trailhead, not the campground, and got to the lake in about 30-40 min. rode the loop clockwise two days ago... the trail is in great condition... trail crews were out there cleaning it up the week prior, no fallen trees. Spectra Point and Rampart Overlook Trails. Navajo Lake loop trail: Description: A quick warmup ride on a frigid September morning. The trail offers a number of activity options. Location: 37.847819, -108.027778. I took my wife and two children on this ride. The trail base is mostly packed dirt, with a little cinder riding over the lava flow at the east end of the lake. The road was about 3 feet under us. Hotels near (SLC) Salt Lake City Intl Airport; All things to do in Bryce Canyon National Park; Things to do near Navajo Trail. Would definitely visit again. Continuing. Virgin River Rim Trail, which us located up the mountains, just south of Navajo Lake and can be accessed from the Navajo Lake Loop Trail, or by picking up the trail at Woods Ranch, which is approx. The trailhead starts at 9200' of altitude and climbs only to 9400' The trail base is mostly packed dirt, a 1/4 mile section at the east end of the lake takes you through a lava field with crushed cinder on the trail. Navajo Lake Loop is a 8.6 mile loop trail located near Duck Creek Village, Utah that features a lake and is rated as moderate. From here, you drop rapidly back to the Navajo Lake Loop Trail #32022. Shot with the GoPro Hero7 and the DJI Mavic Air. Just make sure you know how to find the trail when crossing the road as you have about a 1/2 mile on the main road before the trail starts again. It was time to mix things up a bit and hit the trail with our mountain bikes. 6.5 miles down Cedar Canyon off UT 14. Heading east along the lakeshore, the trail ambles through pink penstamon, red Indian paintbrush, blue lupine and yellow asters. The trail offers a number of activity options. I rode clockwise. amazing views and cool air. What a beautiful lake. Campsite. Navajo Trail begins at Sunset Point and travels down into the main amphitheater. Navajo is a haven for boaters of every stripe – motorized boaters, canoers, kayakers, water skiers and sailors. There are two access routes to Navajo Lake from the south, the Navajo Lake Trail and the Kilpacker Trail, which meet and share the final 2.4 miles to the lake. We plan to do the "Queen's Garden/Navajo Loop Combination Trail". There is even one spot where the trail hits an ancient lava field. I took my dog and ended up just doing the north half of the trail and back. Sunset Point is the second turn off when you enter Bryce Canyon National Park, directly in front of the lodge. Le sentier longe un lac et sa difficulté est évaluée comme modérée. I mean literally fun. 3. Copyright © 2020 There a re so many opportunities to explore the San Juan National Forest in your OHV. Navajo Lake Loop is a 8.6 mile loop trail located near Duck Creek Village, Utah that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The steeps are more steep than people make out below, your lungs will be burning as you are at high altitude. The trail continues around the lake's rocky north shore toward several campsites and down-canyon views. For those who are not satisfied with such a short hike by itself, the Queens Garden Loop Trail is connected to Navajo practically at the hip, creating a great continuance of some of the most magical desert hiking available. Super dog friendly. Beautiful day. First came a 400 ft climb to the Virgin Rim Trail junction that warmed me up. For those who crave even more, the Peekaboo Loop Trail also connects to Navajo at its southernmost point, coming in from Bryce Point. Hiking Pretty flat and clearly marked trail. EVERYONE rides this counter clockwise. 1.3 miles round trip At the junction from Navajo Trail, we took the Queens Garden trail to turn the hike into a loop so that we did not return the same way that we came. The Navajo Lake trail is shorter and the lower portion of the trail is more scenic. NOTE: Navajo Lake Trail makes for an excellent bailout … Hang a right and follow this trail across FR053, through the lava fields, and back (westbound) along the swooping, quaking aspen–lined singletrack of … Several trees down on the south side, able to climb over. lots of mtn bikers. I imagine it's closer to 12 if you go through the lava bed. I looked it up later and the official trail does/is suppose to take you this way .. for some reason AllTrails does not show this extra 3 miles to the trail. Navajo Lake Loop Trail: One Wild Ride! Moderately experienced mountain bikers will have no issues. Well maintained trail. Also a great place to camp, kayak or paddle board. Expect to see and hear traffic below you—not ideal for those looking for a remote or secluded hike. Otherwise a very nice trail with views of Navajo Lake, lava flow and mountains surrounding the lake. The Navajo Lake Loop Trail is one of these. Length: More uphill, more trees in the trail, yet less hikers and gorgeous ridiculous views. Bryce Canyon Navajo Loop Trail A popular trail that makes a short 1- to 2-hour loop from the rim at Sunset Point down to the floor of Bryce Canyon. Super fun pretty flowy, I plan to take the family next time. Dogs are also able to use this trail. Awesome awesome stuff. The AllTrails map has you starting in a campground area, but there is actually a dirt road you can turn down right before that to get to a trailhead for parking. Dogs are also able to use this trail. 4. The Silent City is a metropolis of spires and hoodoos along the west side of the Navajo Loop, crowded together like an urban sprawl made of pink, orange, and brown limestone. The Navajo Lake Loop Trail is a winding trail that follows along the side of the lake on the north side and provides views of the lake from above on the south side. The San Juan River is a world-class fly fishing destination and features a campground, day use areas and a serene trail along the river. Contouring east along the hillside, the trail parallels the Navajo Lake Road. Some parts are maintained, but the side closest to the road have two different fallen trees that you need to portage across. The start of the 4-mile loop near Mormon Lake is on the rocky and technical Navajo Springs Trail. Trail is nearly entirely single track with the exception of a connecting segment of double track that is maybe 1/2 mile of the 10 mile loop. Easy trail, great for kids and dogs. Navajo Lake can be found on top of Cedar Mountain about 25 miles east of Cedar City. Can't wait to try it again! Even a general store we grabbed some beer at. Navaho Pass is an excellent introduction to the Teanaway area. All rights reserved. Good atmosphere, but not the most breathtaking views. Views are alpine with lots of aspen and spruce. My wife and I both used our Garmins, and it's more like 11.5-11.6 miles. Not very technical, for someone who hasn't ridden much in the last few years. Great moderate to easy trail for biking. Take water, especially in the summer, it's longer than you think. Lava terrain was pretty cool. The trail is soooooo fun!!! I used a hybrid bike, very nice fun trail. I ended up just walking along the lake shore on the way back to get away from all the bikes/people/dogs. Trail was dusty and rocky. The Kilpacker trail starts higher (10,060-ft.) and does not involve as much elevation gain. A spur trail leads to a dike bisecting the lake, allowing hikers to stop for lunch in the middle of Navajo (literally) or to lop 2.25 miles off the loop. its my favorite trail to bike. Wilson Trail is to your right. The parking lot is just south of the Bryce Canyon Lodge, off of State Highway 63. The alpine lake is nestled in a beautiful basin surrounded by 13,000-foot ridges and three 14,000-foot peaks (Wilson peak, Mount Wilson, and El Diente Peak). 2. Hey Jamie, thank you for your feedback, we updated the trailhead. The trail is located at 9100 feet altitude in cool pine, fir, and aspen forest. But we arrived Bryce around 2pm. Navajo Lake Loop est un sentier en boucle de 8.6 miles situé près de Duck Creek Village, Utah. Plenty of people but was 4th of July. Mt. This detour added a little over two miles to our ride. Industry Website. Sunset Point is the staging area for the Navajo Loop Trail, and presents marvelous views of some of the park’s most popular sites. Many fallen trees blocking the trail along the south shore. This is a beautiful trail to hike in September when the leaves change color. Navajo loop trail is an awesome ride. At 9000 feet, the Navajo Lake Loop is a singletrack trail that's fairly easy for beginner mountain bikers. Located on the plateau above Cedar City near Brian Head. Anytime you add single track, it becomes technical unless you have ridden it a lot, so again for non experienced riders, this will be more difficult. Exercise caution through the lava beds because fishtailing might lead to an unfortunate encounter with a lava rock. The lake was formed by a lava flow, of the kind that is typical of the area, that dammed water flow. The trail base is mostly packed dirt, with a little cinder riding over the lava flow at the east end of the lake. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone below the age of 12 or you will be out there all day as they will need to walk a lot. This eastern half of the Navajo Loop is also called "Two Bridges" for the double arch visible nearby. Navajo Lake Loop Trail The Navajo Lake Loop Trail is an intermediate technical singletrack loop running around Navajo Lake near Brian Head. The trail loops around Navajo lake is as pretty level, only a 200' elevation change thruout the trail, by far the easiest section of the Virgin River Rim Trail (VRRT), where it's part of the loop. Sun River Hiking Club With 13 hiking today! We ranged in ages 17 - 51, and while my wife and I are more experienced bikers, my children aren't so the moderate rating is all depending upon your point of view. This is a beautiful ride, and I would do it again, however I can't give it 5 stars. Follow me on Instagram @nathan_vanengen for more amazing places to see in the southwest. I would recommend this to anyone. Length 8.6 miElevation gain 554 ftRoute type Loop TONS of mountain bikers and dogs off leash so be careful. Trail Head: Still put in a solid 8 miles with out and back. I should be more specific and say the lake that's 3.5 miles long when there's water in it; when Terry and hiked the trail … This is one of the more popular trails and can be combined with the Queens Garden Trail which will create a longer, but more varied, loop. If you are checking with a phone or a bike odometer they are probably off more than a true GPS. Beautiful area with lovely view of lake and trees around. There are several trail options once you are in the hoodoos, they are well-marked with mileage, so depending on your stamina and time constraints, you can explore as much or as little as you want to. Continue south for a bit, then hang a left at the Dike Trail connector. Here’s a map to the trailhead. Expect to see hikers, cyclists and dogs. The trailhead is at the end of FR369 on this map, but there are signs and is easy to find. It really is a great trail. Rife with wildflowers, fascinating geology, and just enough elevation gain to keep it interesting, this hike has just about everything that the Teanaway is known for. Rode clockwise. Basically drive along the Navajo Lake road to the western side of the lake, where on this map it says Navajo Lake Spring: Below we've highlighted just a couple of our amazing roads and trails. We rode with our dog following and loved it! Nice temperature with full sun. Les chiens sont les bienvenus sur ce sentier. The fall colors are unreal. nice and easy trail with lots of room for dogs to run around and play in the lake. Be prepared for spectacular views … take a phone or camera for pictures (I used my GoPro). no maps are posted at the trailhead boards. This is a great non-technical single track ride. We took a group of 15 around the lake and all riders aging from 12 to 45 made it the whole way without any trouble. A couple mosquitos here and there. Today was crazy windy and pretty chilly. The trail is located at 9100 feet altitude in cool pine, fir, and aspen forest. Navajo Lake Loop Trail The Navajo Lake Loop Trail is an intermediate technical singletrack loop running around Navajo Lake near Brian Head. A great 10 mile loop around beautiful Navajo Lake. The trail visits favorite hoodoo formations such as Wall Street, Twin Bridges, and Thor’s Hammer. Started at the Navajo Lake lodge where we stayed. Not a ton of elevation gain, easy access to water. (Just a scrape and it was totally my mistake. ) The high-alpine surface of Navajo Lake reflects the peaks and ridgelines surrounding the basin. We left the Navajo Lake Loop Trail which stays closer to the lake, and climbed up to the Virgin River Rim Trail for the amazing views of Zion. I liked the "11 mile" hike, but can be confusing if you are prepared for this ... if you do the extra hike (not on the AllTrails Map) you will find signs that say you are still on the Navajo Lake Loop trail but it is way off from the mapped trail on AllTrails.. Hike the Navajo Lake Trail as a long loop (11.5 miles) or in shorter sections. Coronavirus Updates: Stay current on the latest news and park access. Utah Travel Hang a left and switchback up some red dirt to the Rock of Ages Saddle (13,000 ft). 1. Hence the moderate rating especially with climbs. Le sentier offre plusieurs activités. and we parked our car near the visitor center. I'd highly recommend this one. Fun, easy walk with my 3-yr old (who loved the lava field). Distance: 1.4-mile (2.2 km) loop It was quite rocky on the shore but we made it with a walking stick :) was nice, water was clear. For some reason, Sunset Point would not come up on my maps and kept taking me to the Sunrise Point parking. Difficulty: The lake is at 9000 feet elevation so my nostrils and lungs were burning a bit. The lake sits at 9200 feet so bring your lungs. The most popular trail in Bryce Canyon National Park, the Navajo Loop Trail takes visitors down the rim from Sunset Point, through the narrow corridors of Wall Street, past the Silent City, past an intersection with Queens Garden Loop Trail, and the top of Peekaboo Loop Trail, before ascending the rim of the amphitheater again at Sunset Point. Below are weather averages from 1971 to 2000 according to data gathered from the nearest official weather station. To find the trail head of the Navajo Loop Trail, start at Sunset Point. Wilson Peak Trail is to your right, and Silver Pick Trail down the other side of the saddle. Location: 37.848824, -108.025019 Users have said ride this clockwise, don't do that. 37.623763, -112.167763 didnt have alltrails loaded, so started at east end of lake on north side and hiked entire length and back. Rode the main road to the lodge and hopped back on the south side of the lake trail. Click here for more information about Bryce Canyon and the surrounding area. Navajo Lake. Wonderful trail, love the aspens and the lava rock!! One of our go-to easy hikes. Rode from the west trailhead to the East, cut some of the trail out that connects the two because there was word on the trail that 32+ trees had timbered in the way (and that It was a lot of uphill so there was that.) The trail base is mostly packed dirt, with a little cinder … Very peaceful. 6. One is fairly large and you need someone else with you to help each other. Gorgeous trail with forest and the lake view. We rode the Navajo Lake Loop Trail described here, which includes a section of the 32 mile Virgin River Rim Trail. The Navajo Lake Loop Trail is a 9 mile circumnavigation of the 3.5 mile long shallow lake, formed when ancient lava flows dammed runoff in the narrow valley. Follow the trail along a stream bed to the junction of the Navajo Loop with the Queens Garden Trail and the Peekaboo - Navajo Connector. This original trail is too long, so we decided to just do the Navajo trail. But good for dogs with few other hikers. okay so half completed. 5. Lot’s of privacy, especially on the far side. From Watch out for loose gravel and rock (mostly on the lake side), my daughter had a nasty wash out and got her first good road rash on both knees … some good mountain bike war wounds we like to say. Now it's possible they are off slightly, but not a mile. 8. Plus you run into everyone else riding it CCW. Trail Type: Historical Weather. To complete the Navajo Loop, take the eastern half of the Navajo Loop Trail northwest (back toward the rim). Harder for sure. Mt bike and hiking trail at Navajo Lake in the Dixie National Forest of southern Utah. It is actually 10 miles if you cut across the dike. The trail is located at 9100 feet altitude in cool pine, fir, and aspen forest. Awesome trail along the lake. 11 mile trail when fully completed. The trail ascends a short slope to reach the Navajo Lake Loop Trail, where you turn left at the junction. Beside the collection of hoodoos that comprises the whole of Bryce Canyon itself, the slot canyon-style narrowness Wall Street is probably the most famous and magnetic attraction in the park. Let me give everyone some tips (I have been ridding mountain bikes for about 20 years now so I do have some experience in this area): The Navajo Lake Loop Trail is an intermediate technical and aerobic singletrack loop running around Navajo Lake near Brian Head. The views are incredible and there are even some great spots to stop for lunch along the way! Mountain Bike Along the Navajo Lake Loop Trail This winding 12 mile loop around the lake is great for novices with relatively few climbs. 7. The trail is a lot of short ups and downs through the pine and aspen trees.
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