Watch Queue Queue Who's a better hero? I loved every minute of playing as him. A case could be made for either Red Dead Redemption character having a better redemption arc. Whereas I disagree with 90% of it. Arthur was just an outlaw who was doing Dutch's bidding for the most part. Does anyone else feel the same? It’s pretty annoying. I loved every minute of playing as him. User Lists: 0 #1 aryansingh Online. Furthermore, John's time in Mexico was a crucial chapter in the story, with many memorable side-characters and momentous events. spoiler. By UMPIRE, November 18 in CBUB Season Draft Matches. wow this is pretty good. QUALITÄT: Das Produkt wird kurz nach dem Kauf hergestellt. You shouldn’t have to force a second play just to walk the open world with the main character. Watch how they perform basic tasks in the games.Who is best? Though it was cool to see how he got Beacher’s Hope and how you build it with Charles and Uncle. Doesn't feel the same playing with John so once I killed micah I went back restarted from beginning not going past chapter 4 so I can run around free world as Arthur. With that said, if you spend some time reading Arthurs journal you'll actually notice the transformation had started at the very beginning of the game rather than in the last few chapters as you suggest. BIG SPOILER in this post so don’t continue unless you’ve beaten the game. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I hope so, I need to shave a zombie beard. Reviews: 0. Though the two are openly hostile to each other at times, there is an undeniable love between them and for their son, Jack. Upvoted. Your opinion is very good and I think same because you play a lot of missions with Arthur... and then they just give you John. 2 years ago. In just bothered that I now have to play as John. 5:7 - Arthur Morgan vs. William Munny Sign in to follow this . Arthur C. Morgan (1904–1994) was an American sculptor, mostly of Louisiana political and business figures. Whereas, we see John with Abigail and Jack in camp so clearly he was the better family man. Arthur spends much of the game courting and trying to win back the affections of Mary Linton. So Arthur was lucky that he got TB because it saved him. So that is fact, Arthur didn't need to give his life because John would have survived regardless. Anders als Papierposter haben Leinwandposter bessere Qualität und längere Haltbarkeit. I think you missed a part of the story there, it's pretty clear he cared deeply about his son and gave money to them often. While this may have been a mystery at first, it turns out it is a lot simpler to make Arthur Morgan overweight and it is possible. Follow 1149. Don't compare him to Arthur because Arthur was 36 so he has 10 years more experience and is more wise. Arthur Morgan vs Trevor Phillips. If I wanted to play as John I’d play the first red dead. 0. John was super cool his development was great and if anything i enjoyed the way that Arthur and Johns relationship grew and sides formed (depending on how you played). It is worth noting that John is given two games to see his transformation complete, being a largely different man in the first Red Dead, set after the events of Red Dead 2. Jahrhundert wird Morgana in der lateinischen Vita Merlini (Leben Merlins) als die älteste von neun Schwestern genannt, die Die glücklichen Inseln oder Die Apfelinseln (ähnlich dem Garten der Hesperiden) regieren. Related: Red Dead Redemption 2: Tips, Tricks & Strategies For New Players. However, Arthur's trip to Guarma was a brief and seemingly unnecessary divergence from the rest of the campaign. I'm going to use that one when I want to rob people and just cause mayehem. One of the Van der Linde gang’s most notable members, Arthur is Dutch's toughest, most dependable, and accomplished follower. Forum Posts. 4. to go back to. He has a ton of character development in there. To anyone saying that Arthur's story is more sad than John's. It was kinda bad in my opinion. Casual. Good point. I loved the development. Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur Morgan Deviantart Kunstdruck auf Leinwand und Wandkunstdruck, modernes Familienschlafzimmer, 60 x 90 cm Wir sind gut in der Herstellung von Leinwand-Postern, die Herstellung hochwertiger Poster ist unser Streben. Ye, I have 3 saves, 1 as John, I when Arthur is sick, and 1 when hes healthy lol. Arthur v. Morgan, 112 U.S. 495 (1884) Arthur v. Morgan, 112 U.S. 495 (1884) Submitted November 26, 1884. 2 years ago. When Arthur died in rdr2 I'm pretty sure everyone was upset including me, I was so upset that it was my first time actually crying from a video game characters death and when people got to chance to play as John we were all like "NO BRING ARTHUR BACK PLS ROCKSTAR!!!! Arthur Morgan VS John Marston. In epilogue every time when I played with John i was thinking that Rockstar Games could do an epilogue in which Arthur was alive. And also there is a second ending where Arthur goes back for the money and fights with Micah (and dies by gunshot or TB) but John still survives here. The series gave fans two empathetic and fleshed-out heroes in John Marston and Arthur Morgan, with the former also being a playable character in the epilogue of RDR2. Wiki Points. I just prefer Arthur because he’s much more realistic. A total 10/10. 0. I agree. Premium Herren T-Shirt mit stylischem Print inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2, Arthur Morgan, Van der Linde; Hochwertiger und langlebiger Print; Maschinenwäsche bei 40° Grad / Auf links Waschen und Bügeln; Schneller & sicherer Versand innerhalb von 2-3 Werktagen. Arthur Morgan, the protagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2, is one of the most complex and layered characters in Rockstar’s history and probably gaming history, too.The gunslinger was picked up as a teen by the outlaw Dutch Van Der Linde and his associate Hosea Mathews and would eventually grow up to be a ruthless, violent bandit who cares little for the lives of those outside his own gang. I’m pretty bothered by the ending of RDR2. Arthur Morgan was born in 1863 to Beatrice and Lyle Morgan. So I think we can all say think about something and that something is we should people chances and see how there trying to cheer you up or fill the hole of yours that's been drilled by a loved one.
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