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Mosh Pit Etiquette: Oxymoron or Sensible Thought?

‘MOSH PIT’ ETIQUETTE: Oxymoron or Sensible Thought? By Clay Smith ‘Mosh pit’ and etiquette; these two words don’t collide very often- not nearly as often as kids do at metal and hardcore shows, that’s for sure. With the advent of ‘moshcore’ bands who readily become brawl soundtracks, the aggression expected of fans is pushed ever further. “Don’t get involved in [a mosh pit] if you don’t want to get hurt,” one fan contends. But, is physical harm inevitable to those who mosh? With musical and subcultural lines blurring, the need for a...
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25 Best Ways to Discover New Music

Some people are just better at discovering new music than others. But they couldn’t do it without frequenting shows or scouring the Internet for new sounds. If you’re a heard it first kind of person or just want to stay on top of what’s next, then this list is for you. We’ve spent too many hours playing with the web’s best music discovery sites and have compiled our list of the best ways to discover new music online. The list isn’t comprehensive (we’ve intentionally left some off), but the cream of the crop is all you need to explore new sounds. Blog...
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Memorable Concerts: Madalyn Wasilczuk

Madalyn always discovers it first. This former music editor of The Eagle has an ear for new and interesting music, and she’s here to share a few of her most memorable concert experiences. Madalyn’s an incredibly intelligent woman and a close friend, so we are honored to have her share her perspective on live music… Picture yourself in a vast auditorium. Bright red, yellow, blue and white lights shine down on you in the darkness. An impatient, rowdy crowd murmurs at a dull roar, with an occasional cheer for the show to start. Whose name are they chanting? No, not yours. Theirs. That...
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What Makes For an Epic Show?

Clay Smith rocks vocals for a sweet band called Sleep Serapis Sleep and also happens to be a very talented writer and overall cool guy. As a touring musician, we thought Clay might have some good ideas about what an epic concert really is and how it’s done. Turns out, we were right. Clay put together a fascinating commentary on “epic shows” and we are thrilled to have him as a contributor to this blog. Take it away Mr. Smith… The word ‘epic’ has only recently begun to take over the vernacular of our youth.  It is most often used with reference to movies like ‘300’ or...
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Qualitative Concert Reviews Suck

I hate qualitative concert reviews. You know the ones I’m talking about. Reviews that you see featured in the entertainment section of newspapers and posted on hipster blogs. They are too long, don’t actually tell you anything valuable, and are a bear to read. Sometimes they are even written by a music snob that does such a poor job relating to you that you want to vomit. They suck. For years I have seen websites try and make something of qualitative concert reviews. They launch with a lot of enthusiasm, clever user generated reviews from a trendy club in Los Ageles, and a noble cause. But...
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