What Is Showasis?

Showasis is a website that helps you decide which concerts are worth your time and money. Track who’s hot and who’s not on the live music scene by trending over a dozen data points. And if you’re set on attending a concert, interact with other fans to plan for a better experience by exchanging tips like what to wear or when to arrive.

Vision for Live Music

Our vision is an enhanced live music experience as a result of bands, fans, and venues interacting both pre- and post-show. By helping fans exchange their knowledge and passion for music in a meaningful manner, we believe people will have more memorable and enjoyable live music experiences. At the same time, we foresee bands delivering more relevant, genuine, and memorable concerts. Learn more about our philosophy here.

Why the blog?

Live music is awesome. We love experiencing it, talking about it, and shaping it. But we don’t have all the answers. You do. Thus, we decided to create this public forum where people could talk about their experiences and ideas for the betterment of live music. We want to bring people together to share ideas and reshape live music. Whether you are a band learning how to stimulate better live music experiences, a venue looking to increase revenues from concerts, or a fan looking to share ideas, we have something for you.

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