Showasis Launch!

We’ve been hard at work for what feels like an eternity. But now the day has finally arrived where Showasis is open for beta testers! Over the last few months you’ve submitted concert reviews, provided feedback on our website, and helped pioneer a new live music tool. Today that tool is ready and available to help you shape live music forever.

This afternoon you will receive an email from us with your login and password if you pre-registered for the website by sharing a concert review at In that email you will find instructions on how to login, change your password, and begin building your very own live music profile! If you have any questions along the way, feel free to email us or post your questions and comments below.

Thanks to all for your patience and enthusiasm over the last few months as we all waited for Showasis to launch. Your passion kept us working hard through the night and pushing hard for this day. We would like to remind you that this website is yours – please take every opportunity to talk with us and help make it better. We sincerely look forward to talking with you and discovering how we can help improve your live music experiences!

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4 Responses to “ “Showasis Launch!”

  1. Sean says:

    Great news, Mike! Congrats on the Beta launch!

  2. Mike Eaton says:

    Thanks Sean! Your support has been particularly encouraging!

  3. Kate says:

    About time! Let’s see this thing.

  4. Mike Eaton says:

    Invites continue to roll out in batches. Thanks for your patience and enthusiasm!

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