Cities With the Most Concert Reviews

A few days ago, we posted a list of the most reviewed bands on Showasis so far. (You can view that list here) Now, we’re taking a look at where most of the concert reviews are coming from. The original list was all big names that you’d expect to see on Billboard charts, but will the list of live music cities be just as mainstream?

Showasis Cities with the Most Concert Reviews

15. Vancouver, Canada – 8 reviews
14. Sydney, Australia – 8 reviews
13. Los Angeles, CA – 9 reviews
12. Kansas City, MO – 9 reviews
11. Denver, CO – 9 reviews
10. Atlanta, GA – 9 reviews
9. Uncasville, CT – 10 reviews
8. Tortonto, Canada – 10 reviews
7. Indianapolis, IN – 10 reviews
6. Washington, DC – 10 reviews
5. Nashville, TN – 12 reviews
4. Philadelphia, PA –  13 reviews
3. Milwaukee, WI – 16 reviews
2. New York City, NY – 20 reviews
1. Chicago, IL – 43 reviews

Our Thoughts

First of all, let me say thank you again to all the fans that have submitted concert reviews. We are incredibly grateful for the time you have taken to share your thoughts. This idea – this revolutionary innovation – couldn’t happen without your valuable input.

As for the list: not surprised to see Chicago and New York at the top, but Milwaukee, Uncasville and Kansas City are showing the world that they love their live music just as much as the big cities! We are also surprised to see so many international reviews, so thanks to Vancouver, Toronto, and Sydney for your efforts as well.

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