The Power of Data in Music

Ryan Van Etten from VirtualMusicTV shared this graphic while discussing how digital data can help musicians. The truth is, if you are going to be a musician that connects with the next generation of consumers, you’re going to need to know the answers to most of these questions. There are dozens of tools out there that will help you answer them. In fact, Showasis seeks to answer these in a new and meaningful way. But in the meantime, have you stopped to think about how they could help you?

Let’s say you want to plan a show in Chicago. You’re from Seattle and want to expand your fan base in the Midwest. However, you aren’t really sure whether a show in Chicago is a good investment for you as a band. There are travel expenses, scheduling headaches, promotional investments, and more. Maybe there is a better city in the Midwest to grow your exposure?

Imagine being able to see a map of all your fans – 83% are from Seattle, 7% are from Chicago, 4% are from Milwaukee, 3% are from St Louis, and 3% from Indianapolis. Furthermore, imagine being able to know that these fans travel an average of 32 miles, and a max of 150. They also attend three shows a month, but next month each fan is planning on attending an average of four shows.

From this information, you realize that a show in Chicago would reach 11% of existing fans who are in their maximum range of travel distance for a show.  In addition, you have 6% more within in the Midwest. However, it looks like they already plan to attend more concerts than normal next month, so they may not have the cash to see another show. It looks like there is an opportunity for your band to grow in the Midwest, just not next month.

Now flip that scenario around a little. What if you were a venue trying to make a decision about what bands to book next month. How would this information help you?

There is an unbelievable amount of power in having this type of information and knowing how to use it. By understanding the preferences, tendencies, and demographics of your fans, you can make informed decisions that reduce risk of investments and increase your chances of success.

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