Safety tested van rear seat conversion kits, with an extensive range available for most makes of panel van or car derived van. We like that the lever is slightly recessed and is pulled in the same direction as the rotation; it's more intuitive that way. No squeaking sound. Also, you two do such wonderful work! Any idea where one can find a swisstech? SeaLux Universal Heavy Duty 360 Degree 7" Hole Pattern Seat Swivel Base Mount Plate for Bar Stool, Chair, Boat or Van Pilot seat (Large) 4.5 out of 5 stars 72 $19.75 $ 19 . £154.99. Users have found a workaround to bring the added height down to 1.0": ProMaster Scopema Modification. Thank you for this! Only two swivels can stay in the van with us, let's find out which ones! Note: The test is perform in a Ford Transit, but similar results are expect… Universal Van Seat Swivel £164.99. Do these Ford Transit Van Seat Swivel Adapters lock while I drive? Choosing a Van: Transit VS Sprinter VS Promaster VS NV, 3D CAD Model Campervan Interior Layout (Ford Transit), Total Cost and Labor: DIY Camper Van Build, How to Register and Insure your DIY Van in British Columbia, This is what we installed in our van and it's there to stay. The swivel seat adapter is inserted between the factory seat and the factory seat base. Scopema is definitely the benchmark, and no one was able to copy it properly so far. It can be heard with a person sitting on it, or not, and that's quite annoying. RIB seat swivels are popular and ensure more living space. Increased seat height of just 43mm. Over time, our Swisstech has developed a squeaking sound. To me low profile is great but what would happen in a crash? Will these type of swivels fit my passenger seat? And that's not just us, several people made the same complain and we're not sure if it has been fixed or not: 2- In addition, the center hole of the DiscountVanTruck swivel is so small that it's impossible to route the airbag wiring harness through the hole; the harness has to be disassembled and re-assembled to achieve that (requiring to disconnect the van battery as well to prevent short circuit): Low added height comes with a price: if, like us, you have the Ford Transit with the dual batteries (driver side), it's a bit more work to make room for the swivel plate. Join 30,000+ followers via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, e-mail or Patreon: Hello! You will have to open the door to swivel! Were you able to swivel the Scopema seats without opening the doors? FYI in section 5 you have 2 “Swisstech & Scopema” headings. It performs better in every way, except for the price tag (you get what you pay for!). Here at BongoMad we are so pleased that we are now APPROVED FITTERS for the New Dawn Conversions Mazda Bongo swivel seats BongoMad are proud to be an approved fitter for the Mazda Bongo front swivel seats designed and created exclusively by New Dawn Conversions. This swivel plate and base is suitable for VWT5 passanger and driver seats the seat height is maintained with the intergrated swivel plate. vw crafter and mercedes sprinter van double tilting swivel seat base to fit 2006 onwards. I read that when using the swivel seats that rotate on a center axis (e.g., SwivelsRus), you have to open the driver/passenger door to rotate the seat. However, it's not as noticeable on the passenger side. Sportscraft Lowered Seat Box Fiat Ducato X250 X290 Peugeot Boxer Citroen Relay 2007, Sportscraft Seat Swivel Plate for Fiat Ducato X250/X290 Peugeot Boxer Citroen Relay 2007 onwards, Sportscraft Seat Swivel Plate for Ford Transit 2000-2014, Sportscraft Seat Swivel Plate for Mercedes Sprinter VW Crafter 2007+, Sportscraft Seat Swivel Plate for Mercedes Sprinter VW LT35 2006, Sportscraft Seat Swivel Plate for VW T4 97+ Passenger or Driver, Sportscraft Seat Swivel Plate for VW T5 (N.O.T), Sportscraft VWT5 Swivel Plate and Seat Box with Safe, Eire Express: Wednesday 16th - 1pm December, Mainland UK Economy (Royal Mail): Thursday 17th December, Mainland UK Express: Monday 21st 1pm December. You’re saving me so much time, getting me on the road a lot quicker, In fact, they now call the Swisstech OKB… I just updated the article to reflect that. However, if your seat is too far back it will hit the side of the van as your swiveling making it difficult to swivel. LED Recessed Light (24 Diodes) ... Swivel Seat Bases Subcategories VW Seat Swivels View Products. Van Seating Twin Captain Van Seat Kit c/w Head and Arm Rests for Citroen Relay 06 - onwards £1,241.90. Learn how your comment data is processed. £289.95. In such a small space being able to have one of us sit in the passenger seat … Cheers! Thanks! I have a question regarding the passenger seat. It’s a high quality product and you won’t look back! Van Seating Triple Tool Box Van Seat £1,065.82. We don't carry a scale in the van, but we have fisherman's blood in our veins; we can precisely guesstimate the weight of anything the size of a fish. I was wondering if you had run into this issue with any of the models? But don't worry, you don't feel the wobble when driving (or co-piloting); therefore we don't think it's a decisive factor.   The Sportscraft seat swivels operates around a large central nut, combined with the use of 4 castors and wheels in order to distribute the weight of the seat occupant and reduce any movement in... Sportscraft Seat Swivel Plate for Mercedes Sprinter VW Crafter 2007+ Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a5308f74d79044ed78d99468ceb8a0f3" );document.getElementById("e7344492ce").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Ford Transit swivel seats can lock when you are facing forward which should keep you from shifting left to right if you are driving in the vehicle. Rusty Lee VW T5 Transporter Camper Van SINGLE Seat Swivel Base, M1 Tested + TUV If you grab the seat and shake it (without someone sitting on it), it's quite shocking to see how bad it wobbles after the addition of a swivel plate (any of them). In this real-world review (we live full-time in our campervan and use the swivels everyday), we compare four different popular models: Scopema, Swisstech, SwivelsRus and DiscountVanTruck.Only two swivels can stay in the van with us, let’s find out which ones! (full disclosure: you WILL look back when rotating the seat ), The Swisstech (OKB) is about 50$ cheaper than the Scopema, but if you can we’d recommend to spend the extra money on the Scopema. 01270 257 417 At the time, the ProMaster was the only van that met all our one of which was to have factory-certified swivel seats. Swivel seats are a great way to create some space in a camper van conversion! We’re Isabelle and Antoine  In 2017 we sold our house (and everything in it), quit our engineering careers and moved into our self built campervan. Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. (And your website is awesome!!!). Which one would stand better? That being said, here is how we would describe the wobble: *The wobble on the Swisstech cannot be felt or heard if occupied. Small Foldaway Van Seat £874.50. In this video I install a swivel seat in a Chevy Astro van! The lever is compact. Factory Swivels VS Swivel Base Adapter The Sportscraft seat swivels operates around a large central nut, combined with the use of 4 castors and wheels in order to distribute the weight of the seat occupant and reduce... Sportscraft Seat Swivel Plate Mercedes Sprinter VW LT35 2006 This swivel plate and base is suitable for VWT5 passanger and driver seats the seat height is maintained with the intergrated swivel plate. LOVELY PAIR OF GREY AND COLOUR PATTERN VELOUR the seat pan folds up and the whole seat swivels round so it can sit up against your van side, giving you more room. The Scopema is not off-center. We were born like that. 75 The rotation is easily performed (medium friction). Therefore we offer this simple universal van seat swivel for a lot less. We spent several months with each of these swivels, and the Scopema is the clear winner by a large margin! Motorhome & swivel seats for sale UK for a wide variety of vehicle types and manufacturers. We’ve been on the road since then and every day is an opportunity for a new adventure; we’re chasing our dreams and hopefully it inspires others to do the same! The Swisstech (OKB) is sold by Travois as well, that’s why it’s the same link . Details: captains, spin, swivel, seats, lovely, t-t … Hi bus or van seats, blue & grey, 2 fold & swivel 2 fixed. The rotation also produces some squeaking sound. It is likely that the plastic handbrake cover will need modification / removal as may rub on the swivel. The Ford Transit van doesn’t come with factory swivels, so we had to install aftermarket ones. This is the first item we review as we think added height is the most decisive factor. In our planning, the swivel seat installation was a “plug-and-play” kind of job. Sportscraft Swivel Seat Base - Mercedes Sprinter / VW LT35 up to 2006 Driver Side. Sportscraft swivels are made in Germany and are widely regarded as the very best seat swivels available today. We stock a comprehensive range of single and double seat swivels for the Vito, Viano, Trafic, Vivaro, Primastar Ducato,, Master, Movano, Interstar, Scudo, Expert, Dispatch, Ducato, Jumper, Boxer, Ford Transit, and the ever popular VW models. Looking for the best swivel seat for your Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter or Dodge ProMaster van? This is a straight forward method and works perfectly! Easy to operate and the swivel automatically locks in forward place for driving. FASP 1305 2893 DX VW Transporter T4 Single Seat Swivel Driver Side C/W fixings. Hi there, thanks for the comparison. DIY Camper Van captains Chair Swivel seat base it is also vert heavy so it is collection only from pontefract west yorkshire, unle. Ram Promaster Swivel Seats One of the main reasons for ordering a Dodge Ram ProMaster as the base our Family Friendly Weekender Campervan was the optional factory OEM swivel seats. Sportscraft Lowered Single Seat Box Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer & Citroen Relay 2007+ 69 (£8.69/count) We had the SwivelsRus on the driver side for over two years and swapped it for the Scopema (1-1/4" lower): we went from a kind-of-awkward-but-that's-OK driving position (hard to reach the pedals without hitting our knees on the dash) back to a normal driving position... it's VERY noticeable and makes a huge difference!
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