I'm just relieved to have found his ideal food straight away without lots of trial and error. The Iams ProActive Smart Puppy product line includes three dry dog foods… each meeting AAFCO nutrient profiles for growth.. Iams ProActive Health Smart Puppy; Iams ProActive Health Smart Puppy Large Breed Learn More. My 11 week old puppy is thriving since we switched him to this food. Adult with Chicken and Whole Grain Rice Pate, Adult with Beef, Rice, Carrots and Green Beans Flavor in Sauce Chunks in Gravy, Senior with Slow Cooked Chicken and Rice Pate. Price ... Iams Proactive Health Chicken Large Breed Puppy Premium Dry Dog Food. Highly recommend this product, Iams seems to work on my cats too, and going to switch my senior dog's food to it too. By feeding your puppy vitamins, calcium tablets, table scraps, yogurt or meat, you could be upsetting a critical, balanced interaction of nutrients and minerals. 4.7 out of 5 stars with 137 reviews. Iams Smart Puppy Large Breed is a fantastic mix of wholesome grains (corn and sorghum), real chicken, chicken by-products, eggs, beet, and vitamins that accelerate the growth of your large breed pup. For large breed puppies from 3 weeks to12-18 months of age and giant breed puppies from 3 weeks to 24 months of age. Taste of the Wild High Prairie BUY NOW. Ordered iams again as was very pleased with the last order, it come within a day so speedy delivery dispite it being Christmas. Try mixing 25% of the new food with 75% of his puppy food, and then gradually change the proportions over the next three days until he’s eating 100% adult food. Iams Puppy/Junior Large Chicken Dog Food 12kg. 64 $89.91. Iams® ProActive Health Large Breed Smart Puppy Food | dog Dry … Free shipping. From the time your puppy is weaned until four months of age, you should feed your puppy two to three meals a day, with the total amount based on the guidelines on the food label. See the difference in your dog with Iams high quality nutrition or get your money back*. Have been using this food for 8 months now, ordered two bags of iams 12kg chicken dry food great value for money excellent delivery time will definitely will use pet shop again, My pups absolutely love this food I’ve tried s few of the other tip end foods and they’re not keen
Iams large breed puppy food has done wonders for my pups and weight gaining is spot on wen I’ve taken them to the vets the vets have commented on their build, physique, shiny coat & healthy looking teeth, Puppy loves it great price ordered 2 got even more discount
Cheaper than amerson
Came on time, Very easy order process. This Iams ProActive Health formula has PreBiotics that work inside the digestive tract to promote healthy digestion and strong defenses. >, Does your cat have tummy troubles? 84 - $31.64 $ 31 . Iams Puppy/Junior Dry Dog Food with Small/Medium Breed Chicken, 3 kg - Pack of 3 4.5 out of 5 stars 25 Iams ProActive Health Complete and Balanced Puppy Dog Food with Chicken for Small and Medium Breeds, 4 x 1 kg Less energy than Small/Medium to promote slower more controlled growth Lowered calcium and phosphorous to support healthy skeletal development Glucosamine to support healthy joint cartilage Natural fibre (beet pulp) for healthy digestion Elevated DHA for optimal brain development. Learn More. BUY NOW. With no fillers, artificial colours, flavours or GMOs and a wheat free recipe (produced in a factory that handles wheat). You can help ease the transition by gradually introducing the adult food.
There are no doubt better products on the market but at this price point I think it’s good quality. >. for your furry friend. If you own a dog then you need to know the proper amount of nutrients to feed him according to his age and weight. You want to give your puppy the very best nutrition during these months, but supplementing your puppy's diet may lead to health problems. IAMS for Vitality Senior Small and Medium Breed Dog Food with Fresh Chicken. Value for money, advised by vet to use large breed puppy food.Puppy loves it. SENIOR 7+ YEARS. Puppy loves it. The reason for going to "large breed puppy" is to slow down the rate of development while still providing the other things that a puppy needs in it's diet. Find the best food It’s formulated with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate … What's more, it doesn't smell as strong as some other foods we've tried, which is more pleasant for those of us not on a kibble-based diet. We will order again and highly recommend to others. I tried the iams on my puppy because he always had an upset stomach. From my own experience, I have often been worried about the ingredients that are used in pet foods as you often hear stories about the substances used to increase the mass of the product. A puppy, just like a human baby, requires a proper diet that can fulfil his appetite as well as nutritional requirements. He's a mixed breed and we think he's going to be a large dog when fully grown. Iams. Service was great and excellent value, got 30kg for a bargain! Large breed puppy dry dog food.. New iams proactive health - Enhanced feeding experience by improving the kibbles taste appearance.. New packaging to better explain benefits of premium nutrition.. Dimension - 5 x 19 x 24 in.. Because IAMS Adult Large Breed dog food is complete and balanced for adult dogs, you do not need to add vitamin or mineral supplements. Brilliant product, suits my lab puppy very well. A large-breed puppy approaches adult weight by 12 to 24 months, at which time you can begin feeding adult dog food. 5 out of 5 stars (7) 7 product ratings - Iams Large Breed Puppy Dog Food. I recommend this to anyone who's pup has sensitive digestive issues and cannot urge you enough to try this first, First time I have used this company so impressed with the product we ordered and the price as well will be buying again

We use iams as our new puppy was very fussy and had a sensitive tummy amd it was a well known brand, Really good for our dogs tummy. IAMS for Vitality Puppy & Junior Large Dog - Chicken at bitiba! >, Tips for bringing a puppy home  Excellent service every time
Good quality product for my pup. Healthy inside. Excellent price compared to high street pet stores. Remember to have clean, fresh water available for your dog at all times. Top service fast delivery and a good deal. Within a day his tummy returned to normal. Try mixing 25% of the new food with 75% of his puppy food, then gradually change the proportions over the next three days until he's eating 100% adult food. My Woking Labradors love it. I buy this food for my st bernard. Thanks guys. Rating: This Review Has Been Merged with Iams ProActive Health (Dry) Iams ProActive Health Smart Puppy receives the Advisor’s mid-tier rating of three stars.. Find the dog best suited for you with our breed selector guide. Also excellent service from Petshop, quick delivery and quick response and remedy to an ordering problem, My puppy started to have a poorly tummy with the food he was on, so I thought to try this particular iams food. Item weight - 31.7 lbs. Wholesome dry food for large breed puppies, with 81% animal protein and fresh chicken in a wheat-free recipe designed to support brain development and healthy growth, with no artificial flavours. The ingredients of the Iams large breed puppy food products include Chicken, Chicken by-product, Corn Meal, Ground whole grain Sorghum, Brewer’s rice, dried beet pulp, fish meal, dried egg product, brewers dried yeast, corn grits and Vitamin E enriched fish oil.
Delivery and packaging as it said when ordering.
Will definitely be ordering again. Iams Proactive Health Chicken Large Breed Mature Adult Premium Dry Dog Food - 15lbs. Ordered these as it was the cheapest price! Choose options. I'd recommend this supplier and product. And while his growth is more dramatic, your puppy will reach his mature adult weight 12 to 24 months later than smaller breeds that reach adulthood at as early as nine months. When to switch your puppy to adult dog food  I have 3 weimaraners which are high energy dogs.
All 3 have been fed on Iams as puppies and really seem to enjoy it. Iams Large Breed Puppy Dog Food. Delivery was very quick and our choc lab Rolo loves them! 2 brand new from $45.29. It's fantastic she loves it & delivery is quick! Free shipping. Learn More. To help your large-breed puppy grow at a healthy rate, look for these features in the puppy food you choose: Look for these important building blocks of nutrition when you choose dry or canned dog food and when you select treats. In fact, 95% of dog owners recommend Iams for Vitality*. If you’re looking for a nutritional puppy food that has the potential to give your puppy a great start, strong bones and great coat of fur, this formula is a great place to start. $19.89 - $31.99. “iams dog food ” 476 results. This food is specially formulated to make sure his bones and joints will develop well. Our recipe starts with farm-raised chicken and includes wholesome grains. © 2020 Mars or Affiliates. A high-quality pet food, carefully formulated for your puppy’s life stage and breed size, will give him complete and balanced nutrition without supplements. Large-breed puppies have lower metabolic rates per pound than smaller-breed puppies. Amazon.com: IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Smart Puppy Large Breed … product very good *****. >, When to switch your kitten to adult cat food  No upset tummy and he seems to enjoy his dinner. Nutrition tailored for your cat's age and activity. Excellent dog food for our active springer. Within days he was well again. Experience from our first Labrador who had a similar issue when he was a puppy proved that changing to Iam's from our breeders recommended product was the right thing to do for us at this time. You can help ease the transition by gradually introducing the adult food. Iams Smart Puppy Large Breed Food Review - Best Large Breed … healthy and happy for life.
It has had no adverse affect on their stomachs resulting in good bowels, shiny coats and plenty of energy. Watch. Quick delivery. IAMS for Vitality Puppy & Junior Large Dog - Chicken is a balanced complete food for growing dogs, providing all the vital nutrients needed to meet the specific needs of young dogs. In short, large-breed puppies can benefit from fewer calories per cup. And excess calcium might lead to bone-growth problems, especially in large-breed puppies. Iams Dog Food Reviews – Ingredient Analysis, Recall and Ratings … Other trademarks are property of their respective owners. IAMS for Vitality Large Breed Puppy Food with Fresh Chicken. Nutrition tailored for your dog’s age and size. 137. And he likes it! After four months of age, your puppy should be fed twice a day on a regular schedule. US Patents Pending. So far this is the only food we've found that the dog seems happy to continue eating past the first bowl, and it seems to be keeping him in good condition - according to the vets he's in perfect shape! In the old days we simply took large and medium sized dogs off puppy food early and put them on … With your large-breed puppy, the goal should be a moderate, healthy rate of growth. At approaching two months old our newest family addition was suddenly constantly having diarrhoea. All of this packed into a tasty recipe with 81% animal protein (out of total protein) for your pet to … Will definitely be re ordering. Not all puppies have the same nutritional needs. Indoor Cuts in Gravy - Tuna & Salmon 12ct MVMP, When to switch your puppy to adult dog food, When to switch your kitten to adult cat food, IAMS™ ProActive Health™ Smart Puppy Large Breed, Understanding Puppy Food Nutrition Labels, Puppy Basics: Switching Your Puppy’s Food, Puppy Basics: Feeding Tips for the First 6 Months, Adjusted calcium and phosphorus levels to support healthy skeletal development, Controlled calories and fat to help maintain ideal growth rate, Vitamin-rich fish oils to support overall health, Essential vitamins and minerals to help support the immune system and help your puppy stay healthy during this critical stage of growth, High-quality animal-based protein sources to help nourish growing muscles, vital organs, and skin and coat, A fiber source that will help keep your puppy's sensitive digestive system healthy, so more nutrition stays in your puppy. Excellent service, super price and always fast delivery. We deliver Tailored Nutrition to keep your pet
Ongoing he has the most glossy coat and we are happy to have returned to a product we trust. Make it easier to feed your large breed puppy with the Iams for Vitality Large Breed Puppy Food. Giant-breed puppies, over 90 lbs.
We quickly changed to Iams large Puppy food. My dog is much happier and enjoying IAMS food very much, very pleased I chose this product. A large-breed puppy approaches adult weight by 12 to 24 months, at which time you can begin feeding him adult dog food. The product is always packaged well. Too much of one mineral can affect a puppy’s ability to absorb other minerals. By feeding your large-breed puppy a diet that supports growth without allowing him to grow too quickly, you can help prevent abnormal skeletal development and other health issues. The ordering through to delivery from Vetshop/PetShop was easy and prompt. In fact, large-breed puppies generally grow more rapidly than smaller breeds. To help give him the right balance of nutrients, keep these five key points in mind. $21.74. Healthy outside. Good service by Petshop. You can help ease the transition by gradually introducing the adult food. A large-breed puppy approaches adult weight by 12 to 24 months, at which time you can begin feeding him adult dog food. at maturity, should transition to IAMS Adult Large Breed formula at 24 months of age. Iams Proactive Health Puppy Dry Dog Food, Chicken, All Breed Sizes.
My dog likes this product so will be placing another order when needed. Free Delivery at … Delivered very quickly. As your large-breed puppy grows, he will experience some dramatic changes. Have not noticed a change in his coat etc but his poos have been well formed and he is growing at a steady rate, and he is happy which is what counts. Large-breed puppies can also benefit from less calcium. Always provide fresh water. Puppies that consume too many calories and too much calcium might grow too rapidly, which can result in the development of bone growth problems or joint problems. Thanks. IAMS™ ProActive Health™ Smart Puppy Large Breed gives your puppy a great start by providing the essential nutrition he needs to grow at a healthy rate. Try mixing 25% of the new food with 75% of his puppy food, and then gradually change the proportions over the next three days until he’s eating 100% adult food. About IAMS® Nutritional Philosophy ... Smart Puppy Dry Dog Food Chicken and Whole Grains Recipe. Smart Puppy Large Breed Dry Dog Food Chicken and Whole Grains Recipe. Thank you. This dry food from Iams has been created to assure you on all of these points and is a great option for large breed puppies. Top Picks Rating Top Ingredients; 1. Nutrition tailored for your dog’s unique dietary needs. Within a couple of meals no more upset tummy. * For puppies with an adult weight >25kg we recommend to feed Iams Puppy & Junior Large Breed These guidelines are a starting point, and your pet may need more or less food depending on age, activity level and temperament. IAMS for Vitality for large breed puppies with Fresh Chicken is a 100 percent complete and balanced puppy food with up to 85 percent of animal protein (out of total protein). IAMS Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food is made with real high-protein ingredients for optimal health. Delivery very poor, left on door step all day,reported, advised would investigate, no further response? SENIOR 7+ YEARS. With the larger size pieces our Newfoundland pup loves this and eats this with more dignity than he did his previous food (which he gobbled up and gave him hiccups). IAMS for Vitality for large breed puppies is a 100% complete and balanced expert nutrition to help support your puppy’s 7 signs of healthy vitality, including their growth and development. Product Title Iams Proactive Health Smart Puppy Large Breed Chicken Dry Dog Food (Various Sizes) Average Rating: ( 4.6 ) out of 5 stars 266 ratings , based on 266 reviews Current Price $19.84 $ 19 . IAMS Proactive Health Smart Puppy Large Breed 15 Lb. PUPPY 1-12 MONTHS. Watch. IAMS for Vitality Senior Large Breed Dog Food with Fresh Chicken. Features. That’s why it’s important to choose a diet with precisely balanced amounts of fat, calcium and phosphorus, designed specifically for large-breed puppies. In order to reach optimal body condition you may need to adjust food … Iams Puppy/Junior Large Breed Chicken Dry Dog Food - 12kg. Iams for Vitality is a complete and balanced dry dog food for large breed puppies with a great taste for healthy vitality. All 3 are now on the adult version of this product. Nutrition tailored for your cat's individual dietary needs.
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