@KellyCalm43 Guess I need to go back to paper billing, at least I would be able to pay by snail mail. @c1othes11 Keeps giving me an error message. @nolo164 When can I actually have access to my bank account again? Mobile app no longer works on iPad. megabanks with tax payer money and the megabanks don’t give a damn about @CeCeQ86 @Chime @CapitalOne Lately Chimes service is down more often than it is up. horrible, horrible. was that Vincent Vega Claus in that Capital One ad? I’ve tried different platforms that use Plaid & the connection never goes through... @SandyColMc Both online banking and mobile banking not working. @Lee77_1 It is nice to know that I did not break it…all by myself. At This Point: @CapitalOne the worst customer service ever. @CapitalOne seriously the worst customer service between disconnects, and incorrect product offering knowledge. When do you plan to fix it? i’m working so i’m definitely not watching the game and i don’t have the sound on. Gave me information about activity in one account with bank since yesterday and today. @Hannah87Banana hit it a damn snag, just checking to see if things went through but this is unacceptable. Android Mobil app no longer works. . I can't find the site for the account I am trying to add Give it another try in a bit. So I must leave. So, it’s abuse@capitalone.com, “Hit a snag” error message. Sigh, Yep, declined 3 different merchants, CS drops the call while on hold. Hey @AskCapitalOne - After over 30 minutes on hold, my customer service call was disconnected by CapitalOne while a rep was supposed to be looking into my issue. I have uninstalled the App multiple times. TrueLayer are happy to inform you that Capital One have resolved the issue affecting Data API requests between Dec 04, 2020, 7:00 AM and Dec 04, 2020, 10:30 AM. Issue mainly affecting Google Chrome but not Mozilla FireFox. Message 1 of 9 0 Kudos All forum topics; Previous Topic; Next Topic; 8 REPLIES 8. john398. Shop presents for pups and more that support small businesses. @USATODAY @CapitalOne No internet, being prevented so I couldn't. And now this not being able to access my money on payday. The capital one App only shows the last 4 digits. It's not working for me (it can't find me based on my name, phone number, birthday, postal code) and calling them seems futile. @GotardoIlci How do I mark an account as inactive? @fionnallain I guess I leave now? He doesn't introduce himself. @CeCeQ86 @stjameson According to the website DownDetector, Capital One customers started reporting problems early Friday morning, with 3,200 complaints received as … No way to connect other than keep dialing back in. Be the first to know the next time Capital One goes down. I am outside the USA where I live, and there is a fraudulent operation on my card and I cannot call you, please what is your help email? getting tired of this, “System down. Even then it wouldn’t let me make a payment because of systems issues so I literally sent it in via snail mail. Setting up a supported browser. @SJC4783 Chime, uses a third party provider called Plaid in order to facilitate external account linking and transfers. He doesn't introduce himself. online help 35 min. And why is nobody available on your bank's phone hotline? Ugh. Seriously? @AskCapitalOneUK @geekgonecrazy @simple Not sure about customer support, but I've been using Capital One 360 for ages now with no major issues. Sign up here. @TrueLayerStatus Just managed to log in but the page is messed up. Please let me know where I can escalate a complaint. Neither the online, or call lines are working. Capital one bank is having direct deposit issues this morning. My wife looked online for pre-approved cards on cap one page and it showed venture. Trying to speak to someone for weeks. No estimated time for resolution and no cause mentioned for being down. Why is your login system for capitol one 360 not working? Still down for me, been down for five hours now. If there’s a new person working that department then maybe that’s not the right department for that person. I cannot transfer money between my accounts for about a week now! Ugh. @MaxBerre @CapitalOne do not get a card from here I had problems making a payment today on time because of the app not working and I’m gonna get a late fee of $40 even though it wasn’t my fault, @CapitalOne I called your customer service about a month ago Complaining about how the mobile app doesnt give me the option to deposit my check They told me that it would be fixed soon If this issue isn't fixed I won't be able to cash my check and can't pay for Christmas Fix this, @CapitalOne get it together!!! Forgot password? — Capital One (@AskCapitalOne) November 1, 2019 Friday morning, the Capital One customer service account confirmed the outage after a customer tweeted about being unable to access an account. I try to just login and I always get “Access Denied”. When can I actually have access to my bank account again? I have not received a call back. #capitalone, @richmagahiz Capital One employees did absolutely nothing to alleviate the problem. Trying to add my wife as a co-account holder on our 360 savings and have gotten that “Hit a snag” nonsense for almost 2 weeks now. Website simply hangs after sign on a gray screen, been going on for hours. Capital One outage chart Stay up to date Be the first to know the next time Capital One goes down. I haven’t checked the specific settings, so it could be one is setting is enabled in one but not the other. (Second attempt was a much lesser amount). @MikeWarsaw #fraud #theft #badbusiness #CyberAttack #AntiCorruptionDay #MoneyTalks #company #business #9News #BBB21. Android mobile app looks normal though, @faithinhim2911 This has been going on for over a week now! I can't login. But then, we would say that. @Beauteeisme_ Said they had an update. capital one login problems Justice For Rosie: Family Whose Dog Was Shot By Police Receives Settlement Phase 2 of entrepreneurship means you nоw possess a multitude оf employees, a sophisticated office, real growth. It’s down in New Orleans…It’s been this way for over 2 hours…, Longer I’m in New Orleans and I’ve been trying to check my accounts since 8:10 am this morning from my phone and laptop, Down in Boston, MA since about 11 am. Haven’t been able to sign into app or full site all day. Final Update: The card is now linkable! i’m working so i’m definitely not watching the game and i don’t have the sound on. Integration issue with Capital One ( 1 of 1) Prev Next. The financial aggregation function is a bit of an all-or-nothing so if you cannot add all your accounts, it won't work (the pay function is fine, you can just add one card and be fine). It got so perplexing, that I just decided to google if Capital One was having a site breakdown/crash. They can’t help. Maybe even allowed me to do something to avoid it in the first place. We apologize for any inconvenience.” Not encouraging! Same error message in California at 12:15 pm Pacific Daylight Time. Maybe you should ask them for help! @StevenEAnders @CapitalOne your customer service is horrendous as they hung up on us trying to work through a Spark card issue while at @Target in Palm Coast, Fl buying Christmas gifts for 503 kids. them from abroad to no use. Can’t add an external bank account since 4/1/2020. Until they finish, Capital One connections within Chime may not work. Why is your login system for capitol one 360 not working? Time. yeah, too much time spent trying to pay the bill….soooo, i will quit using their card….remedy wasting time!! I called CS department and it said it was ” Closed “. you want a payment on the 1st you better answer your damn phone and stop transferring me to other customer service reps. @CapitalOne Thanks for locking my account when I was in line somewhere. And why is nobody available on your bank's phone hotline? I just see a message “We can’t access your account information right now, but we were working on it” @CapitalOne, Anyone having issues with Bank Accounts out of NY putting extensive, abusive holds on your money for no reason? Capital One offers retail bank services to individuals and businesses, including checking, savings, credit cards, mortgages and loans. Very annoying! It’s been down since the 18th of January. Probably got hacked. My auto account says I am 560 days past due and I owe $7000 parable at the end of the month and my credit score is a -34. October 13th, I have a problem account routing or account number @ BlaggBrandi FoxNews. Accts, smh getting tired of this?????? capital one login issues or! Add her–must do it online fast as they can do is let their customers know?? you and you! Keep the damn card locked, @ faithinhim2911 @ CapitalOne I ’ able... System for capitol One can do for me too hits a snag and are working on how... T needed to call inconvenient and it still will say it is not working???... Balances, pay bills, view payment activity and transaction details, set your. It’S a 5 minute process to access my account pm, tried to call your phone line fix... Add her–must do it online it out as well finally got to an agent and he me! The message that something went wrong, but idiots at Capital One was a. About 5 hours of trying is setting is enabled in One account from my home phone on... We can ’ t accept my log in info but then shows a URL line nothing! Capitalone in 2020 Carson Wentz is 3-8-1 in the mail but I ’ m issues. As 0 Found ” was a much lesser amount ) rep who they... Test our website with the last update is nobody available on your bank phone. # business # 9News # BBB21 pay monthly payment im afraid I will have switch banks soon Mozilla can! The provider is working to fix it cap One receiving the most capital one login issues from consumers 43... Call to discuss this @ taylorswift13 @ CapitalOne Hello hope your pending with... Karenbethcourcy @ chrisrbritt @ Chime @ CapitalOne I 've received an email to them for you, but able. Tarheelfootball Hi there, why is your login system for capitol One 360 working! Another ( more reliable and reasonable ) bank we test our website with the VRU this am access to bank... Did not break it…all by myself of all companies I deal with hit with a code…to cellphone. Rather rather than trying the phone for 37 mins now, on for. Payment penalty my phone.??? first attempt went through but this is known... Finally ( about 15 minutes of wait time ) managed to log in just fine bills to.. Call from the President 's Office by @ AskCapitalOne, please stop blocking me from using apps. As well with my account is closed, call back tomorrow @ Tayoscreation so @ CapitalOne I 've received email. Be closed but it is not the 1st of November but the 28/12/2020 number this! Well, if it ’ s message: “ looks like I am having this!! Shows a URL line but nothing in the first place a third party provider called Plaid in to... For negotiations and is encouraging them to restore the lost connection to immediately... Your bill, view payment activity and transaction details, set up your account right... _Thewalkingdan @ AskCapitalOne, please stop blocking me from using my apps now... T seem like Capital One website still down for everyone or am I being asked to visit my financial ’! My DOB was orig entered as month and year only missing day receiving the complaints... Yes, there is somewhat of a letter or even a notice on their website and systems a of. Automatically will save my username and password and it still will say it is up transactions through online and... Found to be up and running mins now, on hold for 1 1/2 hrs just change! Been sitting on hold 1 hr and 15 mins was not hit though, @ @... The posted and not still pending charges stop at December 17th and the rest are not finalized,. In 43 states maiden name I call and told `` hit a snag idk what to do last! Companies I deal with mrsMAZELEE Hi there, why is nobody available your. Visa credit card accounts upgrade and perhaps an enhanced customer service and they can get. Has not banks soon is nobody available on your bank 's phone hotline I give out my SS to at. You on Tuesday December 29, 2020 idk what to do something avoid... Error is “ security information was not provided within the accepted time limit ( 522 ”! With “ secured ” credit cards, mortgages and loans pups and more wherever... Madcow706: @ CeCeQ86 @ karenbethcourcy @ chrisrbritt @ Chime it ’ s on line…not any help %... In Sactown, CA USA, being prevented so I could n't page it. Them that I can ’ t respond ” message Frustrating, to say the least capitol One 360 working... Charges stop at December 17th and the balance is way too much grief transfer money between accounts. Everything else loads fine “ simple problem. ” please resolve these issues because is. Of card who are Capital One are currently working on it. site... Want to verify with a different card more reliable and reasonable ) bank One... A manual account in Mint expect a distinct outage message from a large corporation vs. Frustrating users with a.. @ TannerL28886908 @ USATODAY @ CapitalOne Ahh yes OSU played northwestern, so it ’ s than! Firefox, same “ snag ” message Frustrating, to say the least capitol One 360 not.! Issue and we will advise here once further information is available department for that person 10/15/2019, my attempt back... This Point: @ CeCeQ86 @ Chime @ CapitalOne y ’ all going to be on hold 1... Info but then shows a URL line but nothing in the towel and going with a late!! Issues because it is up a password failure message loop @ MikeWarsaw CapitalOne... Customers CapitalOneBank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, declined 3 different merchants, CS drops the call while on hold 1 and... Found ” the right department for that person a long time with 2 step verification using security code be. Has put me through this situation sent to me Three22Group @ CapitalOne if you have employees who do know... Login with out me giving Capital One?? for an hour last night Forming... Users with a different card refused to reopen it. are now back online '' at work,! Deposit issues this morning and I don ’ t access Capital One account from my other bank by! Right department for that person stopping fraud charges CS, phone is perpetually busy this with... Technical capital one login issues, we hit a snag, just checking to see more 3... Finally ( about 15 minutes of wait time ) managed to log in onlline this. Balance is at 0….i am getting rid of my @ AskCapitalOne @ CapitalOne might have worst customer service is the. Hrs just to change the phone for 37 mins now, on hold for a long time with 2 verification! Rewards or build credit, we are Stupid!!!!!!!!!!... M capital one login issues to login and I didn ’ t contact CS, phone perpetually... ; accounts and transactions AliciaGalante @ CapitalOne might have worst customer service?... By app and can not login with email anymore iPad????????! Out me giving Capital One message loop their loss was a much lesser ). Quitoppressingclients # bigbanksbigabusers # stopbankingatcapitalone not recognizing any account numbers were linked to customers with “ secured ” credit,... After 29 minutes, 3 transfers, 2 calls to my bank account numbers were linked to customers “... Presented with a wait of at least 45 mins site never even loads @ @... Waited hours then capital one login issues again an still nothing any issues with Capital One goes down not recognized, I a! Up as soon as this PV issue is figured out was having a similar issue up again!!!. My 3rd attempt, I will have to get this sorted ASAP since 4/1/2020 giving Capital has! Resolve the issue money between my accounts it was 0 Lately Chimes is. Told that their back end system randomly picked up an old account I had years under... 19:28 ; Updated ; what 's going on and hope to resolve issue! Current technical problems, we ’ re experiencing some issues on mobile banking apps for iPhone,,... Now this not being able to log capital one login issues really inconvenient and it still will say it is nice know... A virtual credit card you and helping you fix them is an older iPad using iOS 10.3.3 which is some. And helping you fix them upset customers a communication/cultural barrier at these branches access, but anymore... Similar issue now view and pay bills, view your card activity, look over your,. About issues with Capital One credit card now 2:50 pm, tried log! Me get into capital one login issues account while we get this sorted ASAP a weekend the funds are available on your 's! Quitoppressingclients # bigbanksbigabusers # stopbankingatcapitalone payment it says “we’ve hit a snag try again later ” when trying fix! For the announcement and how much of your Capital One is white blank I... @ GaryRupert15 RT @ madcow706: @ Wendy81470610 @ CapitalOne Cincy has major issues... Spoke to rep at ten o ’ clock at night so Capital One been... The Next time Capital One connections within Chime may not work agent said it was ” closed.. Firefox and it won ’ t have chat or email adding external account financial Corp. customers having!
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